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South Oxfordshire Homechoice

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CBL: More about Homechoice

More about Homechoice

Homechoice is a partnership between the council and its housing association partners. The partnership offers those looking for an affordable home a much wider choice of housing and an easier way of being considered for vacant properties as they arise.

Changes to Homechoice

In late 2013, the council changed how applications to its housing register are dealt with and the system for applying for properties. We wrote to everyone on the housing register to seek their views before approving these changes.

More choice over housing offers

Using the Homechoice service gives you more choice in deciding where you want to live as you can see all the properties that are vacant. You can decide if you want to apply (or bid) to be put forward for a property. Most customers have told us that they prefer this system over the old one in which the council decided what property to offer you.

When you apply for a vacant property, we refer to this as bidding but it doesn't cost you a penny.  Bidding simply means that you re telling us that you are interested in being offered that property. Before you can bid for a property you must be accepted onto the council's housing register.How to apply.

Help with looking at other solutions

Not everyone will be successful in getting a social rented home. There are about 2,500 applicants on the housing register at any one time. In any one year there are approximately 3-400 vacancies. This means that we can only offer social housing to a small percentage of the people who apply.

This website has useful information to help you decide how else to look for a suitable home. Click for Housing Options.


Help with applying


We have tried to make the Homechoice service as easy to use as possible. If you would like some help to use the Homechoice service, please contact the Housing Needs Team.

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